Terms and conditions of use

Last updated: December 19, 2018


Conditions of use.
These terms and conditions govern the user's use of the Yousbi platform - of which I.T. Svil s.r.l. owns - and the services it offers.

Registration and access to the service.
In order to use the services provided by Yousbi, it is necessary that the user make the registration through the website www.yousbi.com, providing a valid e-mail address and a relative password; registration is also possible using the credentials of your Facebook or Google account. Following registration, the user will have his own personal area (account), which he can access thanks to the chosen credentials.
The user will be personally responsible for all activities conducted through the account. For this reason, he will not be required to disclose the password to third parties. If you have reason to believe that third parties have become aware of the password or have accessed the account, you must immediately send an alert to the Yousbi Customer Service (info@itsvil.it).

CHATBOT realization service
Yousbi makes available to the user a service of realization of CHATBOT that is a software designed to simulate a conversation with a human being, generally useful for answering the FAQs of users accessing a site.
To use the service, the user must select a channel among those available between Messanger, Telegram and Skype as a tool to convey the FAQs memorized by the user in the Yousbi administration panel.
The user can also choose a CMS between Prestashop, Shopify, Magento or WOOcommerce to be integrated with one of the previously listed channels to create a CAHTBOT system within its e-commerce site.
Yousbi uses Microsoft Azure cloud services to implement part of the services offered.

Information on Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property Rights
All trademarks shown belong to their legitimate owners; Third party brands, product names, trade names, corporate names and companies mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners or registered trademarks of other companies and have been used for the sole purpose of explanation and for the benefit of the holder, without any purpose of infringement of current Copyright rights.

All the material contained in this site is owned by I.T.Svil srl; Italian and European laws regarding copyright are applicable to it; any texts taken from other sources are also protected by copyright and owned by their respective proprietary brands.

All information and contents (texts, graphics and images) shown are, to the best of our knowledge, in the public domain; if, unintentionally, copyrighted material has been published or in violation of the law, please let us know and we will immediately remove it.

Costs and duration of service.
The activation of the Chatbot creation service is linked to the purchase of a subscription on a monthly, half-yearly or annual basis, which will be automatically renewed until the user terminates the subscription. The payment of the fee for each year of service must be made in full advance by the method chosen by the customer. The invoice will be forwarded upon renewal.

Withdrawal rights
The customer can withdraw from the contract, without any penalty, no later than 10 days. from the signing of the same.

Limitation of liability
The Service is provided - as it is - and - as available -.
Any guarantee on the part of ITSvil srl is excluded and, in particular, any guarantee on the operability or quality of the Service or on its suitability to fulfill particular purposes pursued by the Customer if it complies with the conditions of the ITSvil srl offer. br /> I.T.Sil srl does not guarantee that the Service can meet the needs or expectations of the Customer nor that the Service will be provided continuously and without interruption.

Customer guarantees and indemnity clause
The Customer warrants that the information proposed by the implementation and publication of the CHATBOT application on the Messanger, Telegram, Skype platforms is in its legitimate availability and that, therefore, has full right to implement this Contract.
The Customer also declares and warrants that the content on their websites and personal data sheets are accurate and truthful and that the contents themselves are legitimate and fully available, are not contrary to the law, including regulatory, current and applicable and not violate any rights, including personal rights, of third parties.
The Customer is solely responsible for the CHAT BOT application, its website and the contents contained therein and will indemnify I.T. Svil s.r.l. by any action or claim that may, in relation to the contents inserted, be moved or advanced by third parties, including for the exercise of the action in court, if there is an unlawful civil, criminal or administrative offense.

The user who intends to file a complaint concerning a service offered by Yousbi, must send an e-mail to Customer Service no later than sixty days from the date on which the irregularity has occurred.
In the complaint, the user must indicate the nature of the irregularities found; failing this, the complaint will be considered as not presented.
Against the legitimate presentation of a complaint, I.T. Svil s.r.l. will conduct a prompt technical investigation to evaluate any non-compliant services and make corrections.

Processing of personal data.
I.T. Svil s.r.l. guarantees that the user's personal data will be processed in compliance with Italian and EU legislation on the subject.
For more information, the user can view the information on the processing of personal data or send an e-mail to amministrazione@itsvil.it

For any dispute that may arise between the user and I.T. Svil s.r.l., competent in an exclusive way will be the Court of Salerno.